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Every Child Learns Differently

For the highly-engaged parents who want education tailored to their child's learning styles.

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Digital Resources For Every Primary School Child

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The Full Suite Of Tailored Solutions For Your Child

PAL Solutions

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Digital Resources For Your Child

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PAL Saver

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PAL Curriculum

Our Flagship Product

Curated content that is in line with the MOE syallbus.

Our team of academic experts led by Dr Phyllis Chew constantly curate and update the necessary Scheme Of Work (SOW), relevant to motivate students' learning through involvement with hands-on practice.

By cultivating the practice of writing and taking down notes, students can improve gradually in their retention of the concepts learnt and be proficient for their written examinations.

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PAL Diagnostic System

Tracks Your Child's Progress And Performance

Our PAL Diagnostic System is designed to boost the learning ability and performance of students. Adaptive assessments provided through the PAL Diagnostic System, will help to optimise the learning curve of students.

As they progress, they will be challenged with concepts and topics at a much advanced level. Instantaneous Progress Report can be generated to track, monitor and provide you the analytics of your child's performance.

PAL Encyclopedia

Learning System Powered By
Artificial Intelligence & Augmented Reality

With more than 1,000 digital learning AI & AR materials, our PAL Encyclopedia is a powerfully indexed knowledge-base that not only allows learners to find information swiftly but also engages learners through 3-dimensional resources that help boost their general knowledge in a 360° perspective.

This is where learning comes to live!

PAL Support

Benchmark your child's performance.
Available for English, Mathematics, Science and even Chinese. Powered by SG Primary.

Weekly topical Masterclasses available.
Attend pre-assigned weekly Masterclasses and gain mastery of topics to ace top scores.

Need help for homework or PAL Curriculum? Use our On-Demand Homework Help with PAL Community Wall powered by iMath.

Brilliant | Intuitive | Seamless

Samsung Galaxy Tab Tablets
(With its S-Pen)

When students attempt their adaptive assessments through our Learning Management System, they can simply submit their working statements by writing down on the surface of the tablets, and our LMS is able to capture their answers to generate their results almost instantaneously.

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World's 1st Do-It-All Screens

Samsung Smart Monitors
With Mobile Connectivity and UHD resolution

Unlock a full PC experience with Wireless DeX,
watch movies on the big screen with Tap view.
Work seamlessly with Office 365
or use Remote Access to work on your school or office PC.

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Stay Connected
Learn While On The Go!

Up to 50GB Data Powered By TPG

Samsung Tablets come with both LTE and Wi-Fi functionalities. Your child can learn even while on the go with TPG's stable connectivity of up to 50GB of data every month.